Gym Business Services

The GYM WHOLESALERS professional team is available to support your facility through a wide range of business services. We are specialists in this field having a background in gym operations as well as significant business experience. Our significant experience in the setting up of new business operations allows us to guide our clients through the business processes, technical requirements, commercial challenges and legalities associated with setting up or improving your gym business. We understand the importance of running a profitable business and the negative effects of equipment breakdowns, member attrition, and non-payments. Our gym operation experience allows us to provide tested experience with gym software management systems thereby ensuring reliable managed member payments and debit order management. We use highly specialised gym equipment utilisation tracking technology to identify member machine preferences and trends in your gym. Our business support team will help you to find suitable premises to support your business plans and negotiate with landlords on your behalf.

We know how to make your gym business profitable and sustainable. Our professional team would be excited to help you.

Gym Health and Safety

At GYM WHOLESALERS we understand the risks of accidents associated with a high-intensity multi-user fitness facility. We are also mindful of exposure of the members to germ-based infections. Our service and maintenance program has been designed to ensure minimum risk of accidents through equipment malfunction. Our gym hygiene program and products allow for consistent management of cleanliness and germ control.